We are the creators of the Socio-Economic Viability Project, a groundbreaking initiative focused on ensuring the sustainability and prosperity of our society. This initiative will bring about a new era of equitable and transparent economy, along with an ideal independent payment method.

Invest in The Global Economy today to secure your stability tomorrow.

Why Unifin

UniFin ApS is the developer of the SOCIO-ECONOMIC VIABILITY PROJECT, a project focused on the introduction into daily circulation of the most sustainable means of mutual settlement, capable of becoming the Reserve Currency of the world.

A team of highly professional specialists in the financial and stock markets, as well as a full range of possible financial and payment licenses, allow us to offer and implement multidisciplinary Projects.

UniFin ApS uses modern platforms for the turnover of all significant assets in the most demanded areas of life.

UniFin ApS provides the best solutions for your tasks, which will be characterised by their unconventionality and the highest possible efficiency.

By taking advantage of SteadyGrowth® from UniFin ApS, you will achieve steady growth in your savings.
Our solutions are complex in nature, which are distinguished by their transparency and the highest quality of their implementation.


The company provides services in accordance with the obtained licenses from the regulator Danish FSA.

In addition, the company develops Projects and Financial Instruments that are most relevant to the Clients' tasks in the current time.

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On the right is a list of current Licenses. If you have questions about any licenses, services, or non-traditional tasks, please follow this link.

  • Custodian wallet providers
  • Issuers of a virtual currency
  • Providers engaged in exchange services between one or more types of virtual currency
  • Providers engaged in exchange services between virtual currencies and fiat currencies
  • Providers engaged in transfer of virtual currency
  • Portfolio management and advice
  • Safekeeping and administration of securities
  • Safe custody services
  • Lending, Financial leasing, Advice
  • Guarantees and collateralization
  • Trading for own account or for account of customers
  • Participation in issuing securities and provision of related services
  • Money broking
Danish Financial Supervisory Authority


UniFin ApS opens accounts for its customers for payment and trade and investment services. The opening of an account for any of the customer categories is accompanied by passing through all the procedures of the company's services.

We constantly monitor trends in improving customer account servicing and make appropriate adjustments to our services in a timely manner.

This requirement is currently dictated by regulatory and statutory requirements, as well as security considerations of cooperation.

The company applies the Single Account policy in all areas of cooperation in accordance with the licenses and services of the company:

  • cash management;
  • trade and investment;
  • custody;
  • other.
UniFin Group

E-Commerce Portal is a universal trading terminal designed to support the functioning of the Socio-Economic Viability Project.



Developer and operator of the Scientific and Technological Tender Platform and the Hi-Tech Social Innovation network.



Author and provider of the key Indexes directly affecting the viability of the civilization. Holder of the respective asset registries.



Financial institution tasked with providing the payment functionality for the E-Commerce Portal of the Socio-Economic Viability Project.



Modern banking institution specializing in digital and crypto asset circulation for mutual settlements, offering unique financial instruments.


Unifin Exchange

An open trading platform that lets you trade a wide range of financial products based on their true and objective price.


Company Structure

E-Commerce Portal will become the core of the Common Financial Space and will provide not only bidding, but also switching between heterogeneous trading platforms, information-analytical environment, socio-economic initiatives and scientific and technological sphere through Tender Platforms, which will be placed on it.


The Common Financial Space is a necessary independent self-regulating international entity designed to ensure decentralised accounting and legal protection of the circulation of assets of the stock and commodity markets using the Common Equivalent Value and its derivative financial instruments.

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UniFin Products
UNIFIN ApS, as the architect of the Socio-Economic Viability Project, offers a range of financial products that align perfectly with our commitment to safeguarding and growing our clients' assets.All our products are easy to understand, and you'll find comprehensive asset management tools in our client dashboard.
Become a Shareholder
UniFin ApS is offering shares of UniFin Group of companies to bolster working capital, essential for financing the Socio-Economic Viability Project. Don't miss the opportunity to secure your highly liquid passive income stream! With a one-time purchase of shares, you unlock a lifetime of earnings.
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A unique financial product born from our in-depth understanding in the financial markets. It's designed to fulfil three crucial goals: secure capital placement, offering a bank-like low-risk experience; providing you with secure stock market trading; and guaranteeing you a steady, minimal income. Enjoy financial peace of mind.
Profit Token
Versatile digital payment instrument developed by UniFin ApS and offering a unique annual bond income feature. It is freely tradable and is backed by shareholder capital. Plus, it's easily exchangeable for any currency with minimal fees, offering you a powerful financial tool with added income potential.

UniFin Profit Token

UniFin Profit Token (UPTO) is a modern digital payment instrument that also functions as a fixed income product. It is issued by UNIFIN ApS and backed by the shareholder capital of UNIFIN GROUP companies. UPTO is released as a smart contract compliant with the ERC20 standard and will be accessible on the most prominent blockchain platforms.

UPTO serves as the equivalent of a traditional bond, offering an annual fixed income payout. Upon its debut on the exchange, investors are anticipated to display keen interest, given the additional income it generates through the realization of invested projects.

With the launch of the Socio-Economic Viability Project, UPTO is primed to serve as an alternative settlement method within the E-Commerce Portal framework.

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UniFin Crypto Currencies
Viability Assurance Currency (VAC)
UniFin Profit Token (UPTO)
Energy Mutual Settlement Token (EMST)
Welfare Currency (WLFR)
Development of Your Business
Financial services of the company

STEADYGROWTH Project is a unique solution that is an alternative to bank deposits, which currently do not attract customers.

In essence, the Project is an investment product that protects the value of clients' investment assets and ensures profitability on the stock market. Moreover, the client's investment portfolio management strategy stipulates no risk of loss.

The product will be offered to clients from 20/12/2024.

Subscribe to our information channel and receive notification about the launch of STEADYGROWTH service.

The Project

SOCIO-ECONOMIC VIABILITY PROJECT is focused on implementation and maintenance in the UAE jurisdiction through the interconnection of subsidiaries. However, the final decision will be made after the identification of the strategic partners and the legal opinion on the local protection of the Project.

If you represent a high-tech corporation, a backbone financial institution or a member of the Government of a country interested in the development of the welfare of citizens, the protection of planetary ecology, then contact us and we will discuss with you possible mutually beneficial cooperation.

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Global Problems

The modern financial market is close to its collapse. Services of financial institutions leave much to bedesired. The political influence on the financial and stock market is growing.

The instability of the global financial system is caused by a surplus of assets of financial institutions that cannot be invested in the real sectors of the countries' economies.
Also, a significant influence of crypto-currency trends that break the mechanisms of taxation and control over their turnover.


Our company is licensed by the Danish FSA for almost the entire range of financial services. This allows us to be as versatile as possible when looking for the best solutions.

Our SteadyGrowth service is the best solution for those who believe that the protection of assets and their value is paramount! In our work, we use market financial instruments to protect the interests of our clients. Your assets are insured by the Deposit Insurance System.


Be extremely attentive and careful when choosing a financial partner! Remember that the promised by other companies income may be a publicity stunt.

When choosing a financial partner, use the knowledge of financial advisors with whom you have developed long-term relationships. You should also pay attention in the Internet space to customer comments about the quality of services provided by financial institutions.

Open Portal of Electronic Commerce
Socio-Economic Viability Project
The Project provides for the possibility of creating methodologies that will consider the secondary factors of influence on the viability of our civilisation. Such methodologies can be capitalised by a certain mechanism of interaction with project developments and provides an opportunity for their developers to carry out emissions of new digital funds of mutual settlements with their subsequent placement in tenders on the tender platforms of the Open e-commerce Portal. Should also consider that there are many social segments. All types of professionals will have enough work to establish the methodologies.
Project Website
Our Advantages

We will provide strong protection of your assets and their value; you will receive stable passive income from professional work on the stock market and investment activity in the real sectors of the world economy.


We comply with strict AML rules and combat financial crime.

Our company does not consider it possible to promote network marketing, modern cryptocurrency trends and we are beyond political conjuncture.

Information materials on our YouTube channel

Socio-Economic Viability Project

The project is accessible to understanding, and most importantly, anyone can take part in it by investing their knowledge and experience.

UniFin ApS

Do not be too lazy to get acquainted with the services - they are easy to understand and easy to use. And most importantly, they are reliable and real.

Our Planet

We strongly recommend that you watch the movie HOME, which formed the basis of the Socio-Economic Viability Project's Goal to ensure the Viability of our Civilization.

UnifÜn Studio

For some, this series can be very edifying! Do not repeat the mistakes of some and you will not join the ranks of many!


Our company is open for cooperation and invites interested parties to expand the range of services offered to customers and participate in Partnership programs.

  • Opening mutual accounts of different categories with professional participants of the financial and stock markets.
  • Creation and maintenance of various money and payment and trade and investment applications in accordance with Partners' needs.
  • Creating and delivering complex financial solutions as well as individual financial instruments at the Partners' request.`
  • Mutual efforts to expand the range and improve the quality of non-operational financial services as per UniFin ApS licenses.
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