Unifin Commodity
The Viability Index is a revolutionary financial instrument that captures key information about the viability and sustainability of civilization.

Company Statement

UNIFIN Commodity is a research & development company specializing in studying accounting of natural resources, and social and economic influencing factors. After years of dedicated work, we proudly present the Viability Index — a unique and groundbreaking financial instrument that will be traded on the world’s top trading platforms. As the Idenx is immune to political and economic influence and manipulation and is based on transparent and unconditional liquidity, it is the only true solution for integration it into global finances as a Unified Cost Equivalent.

The Viability Index forms the core of the Socio-Economic Viability Project as it encodes information about the viability of civilization through analyzing and combining the key Factors of Influence. The Viability Index is based on years of meticulous research in natural resources using cutting-edge data collection and analysis methodologies.

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Company Revenue

The Viability Index will be traded on some of the most prominent exchanges globally, establishing a significant avenue for revenue generation through trading commissions - this will constitute UNIFIN Commodity’s primary revenue stream. The company will also monetize its exclusive aggregated data sets through a subscription-based model, thereby creating an auxiliary yet substantial revenue channel. The company is in the final stages of registering in Dubai’s DMCC free zone with all the licenses necessary for data collection and processing with regard to the assets in question.

The company was established as a specialized division of UniFin ApS and, focusing on the interests of partners and investors and can be transformed into an independent legal entity within the DMCC Dubai Free Zone and obtain necessary licenses for the collection and processing of data related to the considered assets.

Clients of UNIFIN Commodity include governments, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, research, and analytical centers.

Immediate goals

In the short term, the company will focus on achieving four main objectives that will enable us to reach the key goal of commencing the trading of the Viability Index.

  • Signing cooperation agreements with R&D organisations
  • Implementation of intelligent solutions that will automate data collection and analysis of the Key Factors of Influence as well as designing the central data registry.
  • Distribution of the Viability Index to trading platforms with the intent to commence trading.
  • Design and implementation of Viability Index Extension mechanisms, which would allow experts in various field to design their own indexes conforming to the requirements ideology of the Social Economic Viability Project.
  • To regulate the turnover of the Viability Index, a Commission for the Regulation of the Viability Index Circulation will be established, with representatives of financial regulators from all countries worldwide becoming its members.