Unifin Exchange
An open trading platform that lets you trade a wide range of financial products based on their true and objective price.

Company Statement

Unifin Exchange is a high tech company dedicated to crafting the next generation of an open and secure marketplace that will be seamlessly integrated into the Unifin E-Commerce portal. Our platform allows clients to trade in a diverse array of financial products, offering the unique capability to quote these products against the Unified Cost Equivalent.

What sets Unifin Exchange apart from its industry peers is is our ability to utilize Viability Assurance Currency (VAC) for quoting financial instruments. This provides a genuine and impartial assessment of asset prices, substantially mitigating the risks associated with speculative influences on asset valuations.

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Company Revenue

Trading on the UNIFIN Exchange platform ensures revenue generation through trading commissions, which are automatically collected as part of the trading smart contract and serve as the primary source of income for Unifin Exchange. The company will also monetize its service for listing clients’ financial instruments, thereby creating an auxiliary yet significant revenue channel.

The company was established as a specialized division of UNIFIN ApS and, aligning with the interests of partners and investors, has the potential to evolve into an independent legal entity within the Dubai Financial Academic City (DIFC) free zone. This transformation would involve obtaining the necessary licenses to facilitate and oversee the operations of a stock exchange organizer.

Company’s target audience consists of stock brokers/dealers, financial instrument developers, clients under the White Label program, and providers of information and analytical materials.

Immediate goals

In the short term, the company will concentrate on achieving the following key objectives that will pave the way for us to reach our primary goal of facilitating trading on the UNIFIN Exchange platform:

  • Developing an in-house trading platform based on the Unifin blockchain.
  • Establishing procedures and data exchange channels to ensure full compliance with auditing, regulatory, and AML requirements.
  • Signing agreements with the liquidity providers.
  • Listing Key Impact Indexes, the SocialViability Index, and Viability Assurance Currency on the exchange, actively promoting them as genuine and transparent representations of asset prices.
  • Formulating methods and procedures for listing external indices as exchange instruments for Key Influencing Factors.