UniFin Innovation
Developer and operator of the Scientific and Technological Tender Platform and the Hi-Tech Social Innovation network.

Company Statement

UniFin Innovation is the visionary architect and operator of the Social Science and Technology Network and the Science and Technology Exchange.

The Social Science and Technology Network aims to create a secure ecosystem that fosters the advancement of cutting-edge technologies and innovations, all geared toward benefiting our society and aligning with the objectives of the Socio-Economic Viability Project.

Our Science and Technology Exchange, closely integrated with the Science and Technology Network, serves as a pioneering marketplace for trading intellectual property. It incorporates advanced mechanisms that make IP exchange transactions more seamless and secure than ever before. As an integral part of the E-Commerce Portal, it enjoys smooth integration with other UniFin products.

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Company Revenue

UniFin Innovation derives its revenue from a combination of commission fees on transactions executed on the UNIFIN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE tender trading and investment platform, as well as fees for services related to the safeguarding and management of intellectual property.

The company is subject to registration in Seychelles. The representation will be registered and operate in the jurisdiction of Dubai. (The possibility of considering the registration of a Representation in a scientific and technological free zone in the UAE is being explored). No licensing is required.

Immediate goals

In the short term, the company will focus on achieving four main objectives that will enable us to reach the key goal of commencing the trading of the Viability Index.

  • Developing a comprehensive technical specification for the creation of the UNIFIN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE tender trading and investment platform, followed by the issuance of a tender for its implementation.
  • Integrating of the UNIFIN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY EXCHANGE tender trading and investment platform into the E-COMMERCE PORTAL and provision of client trading support.
  • Development and launch of methodologies for revenue management of intellectual property.
  • Development and launch of a Social Science and Technology Network with elements of client participation monetization.
  • Coordination with various specialized organizations regarding the development of a unified methodology for working with intellectual property rights holders.