UniFin Payment
Financial institution tasked with providing the payment functionality for the E-Commerce Portal of the Socio-Economic Viability Project.

Company Statement

UNIFIN PAYMENT is an emerging financial institution regulated by the Danish FSA, serving as the primary payment hub for projects within the Unifin Group. It currently offers a wide array of financial services, with the primary focus on serving clients within the E-COMMERCE PORTAL, aligning with the Socio-Economic Viability Project. UniFin Payment provides a comprehensive range of services that meet the high standards one expects from a premium financial institution.

  • Unified Customer Account: Seamless and secure financial experience across the services integrated with E-Commerce portal.
  • Corporate checking accounts: Featuring the capability to generate IBANs,
  • Seamless Payments and International Money Transfers: Facilitating smooth transactions, including express payments, for both sending and receiving funds.
  • Currency Exchange: Enabling instant conversion between over 140 currency pairs, providing flexibility in your financial dealings.
  • Debit Card Issuance: Providing access to physical and virtual debit cards, enhancing your financial convenience.
  • Open Banking: Enabling secure financial data transfer between authorized parties to create innovative financial products and services.
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Company Revenue

Our revenue generation model is underpinned by two key pillars:

  1. Transaction Commissions: We will earn revenue through commission fees on transactions, with these commissions being validated in accordance with the terms stipulated in our smart contracts.
  2. Account Maintenance Fees: A significant portion of our revenue will be derived from fees associated with the maintenance of customer accounts, which will form an essential component of our operational income structure.

Our preliminary shareholder capital is estimated at 50 million dirhams, demonstrating our commitment to delivering robust financial services.

Immediate goals

In the short term, our key objectives include:

  • Licensing & Compliance: Expanding worldwide presence and obtaining regulatory approval by DIFC, Dubai to offer equal benefits to the customers in UAE.
  • Software Integration: Acquiring and customizing suitable software solutions that will enhance our operations as a Payment Institution, including the development of supplementary software modules.
  • Regulatory Documents: Developing and finalizing agreements for the opening and management of customer accounts, as well as other necessary regulatory documents in line with DIFC, Dubai’s regulatory standards.
  • Operational Launch: Commencing our core operations to serve our clientele effectively.
  • Global Coordination: Establishing coordination with worldwide financial, fiscal, law enforcement, and regulatory entities to ensure smooth interactions as a Payment Institution.