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UniFin ApS is offering shares of UniFin Group of companies to bolster working capital, essential for financing the Socio-Economic Viability Project. Don't miss the opportunity to secure your highly liquid passive income stream! With a one-time purchase of shares, you unlock a lifetime of earnings.

Shareholder Benefits

In accordance with the terms of the issue of Shares, each shareholder has the right to annually receive the income due in accordance with the Company’s Decision on the distribution of income based on the results of annual activity and the results of the annual audit.

Our offer to sell Company Shares should be understood as an offer to become a shareholder of the company and participate in the annual distribution of income. The stock market value has nothing to do with shareholder income.

The attractiveness of our proposal lies in the fact that the shareholder receives multiplied income. That is, not only income from the results of the activities of the company, member of UniFin Group, but also income from the results of the activities of subsidiaries and other dependent companies.

Secure Profitable Participation

The participation of UniFin Group of company member or affiliated companies in the share capital of new legal entities will contain the percentage of participation of each shareholder of said company.

Our offer is unique in that we offer to participate in profits, and not take risks on the stock market, hoping to make money on the difference in rates.

Generate your passive income and secure your future!

Become a shareholder of UniFin Group
Information about the availability of shares for purchase in your Client Dashboard.
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Legal Information
The shares of UniFin Group company members are securities issued by the company in accordance with Danish legislation to confirm ownership rights of the holders in the company's shares. The Prospectus for the issuance of shares can be reviewed on the client's dashboard.
Upon shareholder request, the company provides a Share Certificate, reflecting comprehensive information on the ownership of shares. The transfer of the Share Certificate does not constitute the transfer of rights to the shareholder's shares in the company.
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