A unique financial product designed to fulfil three crucial goals: secure capital placement, bank-like low-risk experience; secure stock market trading; and guaranteeing you a steady income.
Enjoy financial peace of mind.
Coming in Q1 2024

SteadyGrowth — Secure, Profitable, Guaranteed.

A unique financial product backed by our in-depth understanding of the financial markets and years of sucesful trading experience it offers a secure, low-risk, and profitable investment experience. It offers key ingredients for sucesful investment:
Funds Protection
At Unifin ApS, safeguarding your investments is our top priority. All client funds are exclusively utilized for acquiring and managing the trading portfolio. Rest assured, we never divert these funds for any other purposes, and they are never transferred anywhere other than to our trusted partner, Interactive Brokers, a global brokerage leader known for ensuring the utmost protection of client assets.
Risk Mitigation
We are committed to minimizing risks. Each investment within the SteadyGrowth portfolio is strategically hedged within the stock market, backed by financial institutions of the highest reliability category, serving as liquidity providers.
Guaranteed Returns
SteadyGrowth not only offers a guaranteed minimum return on investment but also the potential to achieve up to 20% profit within a year. We pledge to provide a minimum income from our company's internal funds, applicable across all Unifin ApS products. Our user-friendly platform empowers clients to monitor their portfolio's performance in real time and make swift decisions to capitalize on their profits with a simple click. Your financial well-being is at the forefront of our mission at Unifin ApS.
Key Product Features
Maximize Profits SteadyGrowth allows you to choose the best time to capitalize your investment for maximum profit. Taking the performance of last year’s portfolio as an example, if you decided to capitalize your profit after 11 weeks your profit would be 16.08%.
Profit in Any Market Unlike most investments that only perform well when the market is up, SteadyGrowth allows you to profit in both rising and falling markets.
Guaranteed Minimum Return SteadyGrowth ensures a minimum annual return on investment of 3.5%. This means that regardless of market conditions, a €10,000 investment is guaranteed to yield at least €350 in profit at the end of the year.
Last year performance chart

Bellow you can see the performance of the last year’s portfolio. The shaded area represents the profit you could at the end of the week by capitalizing your investment. The dashed line represents the return on investment you would have received if decided to invest in simmilar products youself.

Start building your passive income and ensure your secure tomorrow!
Based on historical data, participating in STEADYGROWTH can potentially yield you over 12,500 Euros with just a 10,000 Euro investment. This not only guards against inflationary losses but also offers returns typical of more advanced investment schemes. Our financial expertise and your assets form the foundation of your confidence in tomorrow and the guarantee of the successful development of our collaboration.
Coming in Q1 2024
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